Adiccion a los Deportes, S.A. Versión de Odoo 10.0+e

Información sobre Adiccion a los Deportes, S.A. instancia de Odoo, el ERP de código abierto.

Aplicaciones instalados

POS Auto Invoice Reconcile
This module automatically reconciles and marks the invoices created via Point Of Sale as 'Paid'.
POS Invoice Automate
Send Invoice Email to your customers during runing session of point of sale.
Pos Picking Split
Pos Picking Split
POS Signature
This modules allows the user to save the signature of his customers when an order is placed.
Website Product Stock
The module allows you to display whether a product is in stock or out of stock on the basis of in hand or forecasted quantity in Odoo.
Leads, Opportunities, Activities
POS Backorders
Display Stocks on POS Location. Update Real-Time Quantity Available.
Inventory Management
Inventory, Logistics, Warehousing
Multi Stores Management
Manufacturing Orders, Bill of Materials, Routings
Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing
Point of Sale
Touchscreen Interface for Shops
Discussions, Mailing Lists, News
Leave Management
Holidays, Allocation and Leave Requests
Send Invoices and Track Payments
VAT Constraints
POS & Website VAT Constraints
Employee Appraisals
Periodical Appraisal
Accounting and Finance
Financial and Analytic Accounting
Sticky notes, Collaborative, Memos
Website Builder
Build Your Enterprise Website
Sell Your Products Online
Ticketing, Support, Issues
Purchase Management
Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vendor Bills
Employee Directory
Jobs, Departments, Employees Details
Manage employee attendances
Expense Tracker
Expenses Validation, Invoicing
Facturas Tipificacion -ASISTELIBROS- v10Enterprise
Create your custom dashboard
Liquidaciones de Caja Chica
Contacts Directory
Customers, Vendors, Partners,...
Corte de Caja
Corte de Caja
Factura Electronica
Factura Electronica -San Bernardo-
Website reCAPTCHA for Login, Signup, Contactus
Google reCaptcha
Facturas Rectificativas
Notas de Credito en Facturas Rectificativas
Jasper Reports
Firebase Cloud Messaging
Push notification for mobile app
Odoo campos
Credomatic Payment Gateway
Integrate Credomatic Payment Gateway with ODOO for accepting payments from customers.
POS Payment Ref
Allow users to add narration of payment ref from the POS
Atributos de Productos
Atributos de productos
Sale Discount on Total Amount
Discount on total in Sale and invoice with Discount limit and approval
Politicas de Ventas
Politicas de Despacho
Theme TickTock
Theme TickTock is a Odoo theme with advanced ecommerce feature, extremely customizable and fully responsive
Website Webkul Addons
Website Webkul Addons allows Odoo users to manage all Webkul’s Odoo website Related modules from single page.
Create surveys, collect answers and print statistics
Mass Mailing Campaigns
Design, send and track emails
Equipments, Assets, Internal Hardware, Allocation Tracking
Personal & Shared Calendar
Online Events
Schedule, Promote and Sell Events
News, Blogs, Announces, Discussions
Share and Publish Videos, Presentations and Documents
Forum, FAQ, Q&A
Fleet Management
Vehicle, leasing, insurances, costs
Website Live Chat
Website Live Chat with Visitors/Customers